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Zhejiang West Lake Gallery

Zhejiang West Lake Gallery
The Name of Zhejiang West Lake
Gallery Written by Sha Menghai in
Calligraphic Style

As an important cultural destination and base of public art education of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang West Lake Gallery is a must-see attraction in Hangzhou, especially, in West Lake Scenic Area. Located near to Zhejiang Provincial Museum and the famous Solitary Hill(孤山), Zhejiang West Lake is a shining star of widely-known scene of West Lake titled Ping Hu Qiu Yue (平湖秋月, Autumn Moon over the Calm Lake), which is also one of Top Ten Scenes of West Lake. The origin of Zhejiang West Lake Gallery is National Art Academy, the original name of today's China Academy of Art and also the first institution of Higher Art Learning of China. It belongs to the Gothic architectural style and thoroughly embodies the idea of collating Chinese art, introducing western art, keeping Sino-west arts in harmony and creating the art of this time. It is an important site of humanity on the side of West Lake.

Generally, visitors traveling to Hangzhou usually take a visit to this gallery. West Lake Gallery is constituted of three stories, including the main hall, gallery, reception and four displaying halls in different sizes. Apart from the aperiodic high-level exhibition of art collections at home and abroad as well as the collected quintessential modern artworks, there are two themed displays: Display of Huang Binghong's Calligraphy and Paintings and Display of Lv Xiaguang's Art. Annually, a large number of large-scale exhibitions and academic meetings are held here. These exhibitions and meetings are welcomed and highly noticed by artists, art lovers and scholars at home and abroad. By the way, the Name of gallery was written by Sha Menghai(沙孟海), the former leader of Xiling Society of Seal Arts(西泠印社, which is also located close to West Lake Gallery) and one of the greatest calligraphists in modern China.

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