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Tianjin Folk Custom Museum



Folk custom is an important part of local culture and also a great proportion of local enchantment and distinction from other places. Today, many provinces are trying their best to exploit their own difference and uniqueness for enriching their travel resources, and folk custom is surely one part of the power of local development and even the national development. Folk custom reserves the original appearance of history and local distinctive lifestyle, so considered in this way, Tianjian Folk Custom Museum absolutely deserves visit because traditionally Tianjin in China plays an important role in protecting and developing the local folk custom. Tianjin is one of main birth-lands of many famous folk customs and folk arts.

Tianjin folk custom museum located in Empress Palace or Tianhou Palace in Nankai District, Tianjin is a themed museum for folk-custom exhibition and research. Empress Palace also widely named Niangniang Palace was initially established in 1326 with a total area of 5,360 square meters. It is a typically classic architectural complex that standing there attractively. As the oldest ancient architectural complex in Tianjin, Empress Palace is largely constituted of Front Hall, Main Hall, Fengwei Hall (Phoenix-Tail Hall), Sutra-Collection Pavilion, Wealth God Hall, Lord Guan Hall and four subsidiary halls. Empress Palace is also one of the earliest Mazu Temples well preserved in China, which serves Maze, the Sea Goddess who is widely worshipped in coastal area of China.

This museum is mainly featured with Tianjin History and Folk Custom Display, which is mainly comprised of three sections: the first section introduces the formation and development of Tianjin city; the second section introduces the history of Tianjin inland water transportation and the folk custom about Mazu or Empress; the third section introduces partial folk custom of Tianjin, generally comprised of Empress Fair, Garments and accouterment, local festivals and special days, marriage and birth tradition as well as living commodities. Furthermore, there are more than 360 collected cultural relics displaying there as well. Some of these collections are only available here like the model of ship in Song Dynasty.

Transportation: arriving there by bus 4、24、624、824
Opening Time: 9:00---17:00


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