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Hangzhou Tangqi Ancient Town

Guangji Bridge of Tangqi Town
Guangji Bridge of Tangqi Town

Located in the north side of Hangzhou, Tangqi Ancient Town(塘栖古镇) borders on Deqing county of Huzhou city. Roughly 20 kilometers away from downtown Hangzhou and 13 kilometers away from Linping, the center of Yuhang District. The Grand Canal crosses the town. Tangqi traditionally is the important ferry of waterway system of Suzhou, Shanghai, Jiaxing and Huzhou. Therefore, Tangqi used to be the water gateway of Hangzhou. The riverways are closely interconnected in Tangqi town. In this way, it is a typical water town of Jiangnan region. The famous tourist attraction of Tangqi ancient town is Chaoshan Hill Scenic Area, which is a classical tourist destination for its fantastic beauty of plum blossom. It is one of three top attractions for appreciating the plum blossom, plus the charm of Dingshan Lake.

In history, before North Song Dynasty, Tangqi was a small fishing village. In Yuan Dynasty, Zhang Shicheng broadened the Grand Canal, and then the local fishers gradually settled down on both sides, and the original of the town formed. In Ming Dynasty, the Tongji Bridge(通济桥) connected two sides, and this town was enlarged. The local record of history named Tangqi Zhi has the specific recordation. In Ming and Qing Dynasties, Tangqi ancient town ranked the first of top ten famous towns in Jiangnan region. Originally, Tangqi town was under the administration of Renhe County. During the reign of The Republic of China, Hang County was eastablished, and Tangqi was removed to be one of Hang County. Before 1949, Tangqi ancient town consisted of north town and south town, but the south town belonged to Hang County and north town belonged to Deqing County. In May, 1950, Tangqi ended the separation. Currently, Tangqi is the second largest town of Yuhang District.

The Snack Street of Tangqi Town
The Snack Street of Tangqi Town

Traditionally, Tangqi has many famous historic and cultural sites. Anciently, Tangqi was famous for sixteen top scenes, and the popular destination for the elite’s gathering and leisure. The perfect natural and cultural landscape nurtures the elites for generations and gives them limitless inspirations. Today’s Chaoshan famous for plum blossom scene is as famous as Dengwei and Meiyuan Garden. As the tourism development of Tangqi ancient town, the classic beauty of plum blossom appears. China’s first hill themed with seal is available as well. Guangji Bridge(广济桥), the historic bridge in downtown area, goes across the Grand Canal and is one of the important cultural relics site under the nation-level protection in Zhejiang province. Guangji Bridge was firstly built in 1498 and is the only stone arch bridge with seven holes in the waterway of Grand Canal. On the south side of the Guangji Bridge, there is a well called Guopu Well(郭璞井), which was said to be built in Jin Dynasty by Guo Pu, a famous Taoist and one of the immortals in history of Taoism. The well-preserved Qianlong Yubei(乾隆御碑, The Imperial Stele Inscribed by Emperor Qianlong ) is the largest stone stele in Zhejiang province. Besides, The Ancient Temple of South Song Dynasty, Tomb of Wu Changshuo(吴昌硕, a master of Chinese calligraphy and painting in modern times), Ancient Street of Bazi Bridge, and so on are all the famous tourist attractions in Tangqi. At present, Tangqi Cultural Village of The Grand Canal is under the construction, which will activate the flourish of Tangqi in tourism and cultural restoration.

Furthermore, Tangqi is an important education center, and local citizens attach importance to education. In history, there are many famous librarians and academic scholars in Tangqi. By the way, the most famous tourist destination of Tangqi is the ancient town covering the two sides of the Grand Canal. This scenic area is quite huge and features the Sino-west culture. The scenic spots are mainly comprised of Christian Church, Storage Museum of The Grand Canal, Xincunlun Traditional Snack Street, Qingshui Silk and Cotton Workshops and Site of Experiencing Agricultural Culture. In town, South Song Ancient Temple is quite impressive. It is quite localized and releases the evolution history of oneness of Buddhism and Taoism. It is free of charge, and many believers of Taoists or Buddhists weekly gather here to sacrifice to the Buddha or Immortals, and the relevant religious rites deserve appreciating.


The Scene of Tangqi Ancient Town Viewed from Guangji Bridge
The Scene of Tangqi Ancient Town Viewed
from Guangji Ancient Bridge
The Local Citizens are Making Snacks on the Snack Street of Tangqi Ancient Town
The Local Citizens Are Making Snacks on the
Snack Street of Tangqi Ancient Town

The View of Tangqi Ancient Town
The View of Tangqi Ancient Town
The Traditional Kitchen of Local Resident
The Traditional Kitchen of Local Resident

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