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China Unknown Attractions Xian Tang Paradise
Xian Tang Paradise

Xian Tang Paradise
The Grand Palace Building of Tang Paradise
Close to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Tang Paradise is a large cultural theme park, which features the style of Chinese ancient imperial gardens and unfolds in front of you the mysterious image of the glorious age of Tang Dynasty. It is located in Qujiang, a newly developed cultural zone in Xian. It is set up on the historic site of Lotus Paradise, which was a famous imperial palace, built by Emperor Sui Wendi in 483 A.D. Tang Paradise sets'Walking into the history to feel the civilization and touch the life of that time as its theme, and reveals vividly the splendid civilization of the great and prosperous Tang Dynasty.

The park consists of the sections as follows: humanism and custom, business exchange, amusement and sports, Theme Catering, and high-graded hotels. The section of humanism and custom reproduces the glorious look of Tang Dynasty and the custom of that time by presenting Tang-style singing & dancing and exhibition of Tang's culture to the visitors. In this section, you will see Ziyun Mansion, a beautiful Tang-style building. You may appreciate the singing and dancing drama A Dream Back to the Great Tang in Feng Ming Jiu Tian Theatre. It was once performed in Singapore due to the invitation of the government there and was highly praised by the president and prime minister of Singapore. The drama is poetic and dreamlike. Shining stage lights, gorgeous costumes, heavenly music, and enchanting dancers will surely make you feel that you were roaming on the ancient streets of Tang Dynasty and watched in person the magnificence of the period. You can watch water-screen movies, which gathers music fountain, laser lights, flame, and water spray together and rocks the visitors with its lifelike three-dimensional effect. Every day, there go on various wonderful performances. In holidays or festivals, there are varieties of activities in which you can participate. In the section of business exchange, there is Tang-style Market, which mainly shows the business exchange between many domestic and foreign merchants. The section of amusement and sports reveals Tang's public recreation and children's cultural amusement. There are Ancient Beauties Museum, Walking Beauties' Sculptures, and Poem Soul Sculptures. The section of Theme Catering has Royal Dinning Palace which provides you with Tang-style court banquet, and in the section of high-graded hotels, there is Fanglin Garden, which is a stylish hotel.

Dancing of Xian Tang Paradise
Beauty Dancing of Tang Paradise
Tang Paradise has set many new records. It has the biggest water performance all over the world. It is the first five-sense theme park in the world. Five senses refer to taste, touch, smell, hearing, and seeing. It possesses the greatest project of outdoor aromatization in the world. It is the largest architectural complex in China that is built in imitation of the royal architecture of Tang Dynasty. It is considered to be a textbook on Tang's architecture, for it gathers all architectural styles of Tang Dynasty.

Besides, Tang Paradise adopts abundant methods to successfully manifest the culture of the glorious age of Tang Dynasty. Strolling around the park, you can appreciate the grand royal culture, or watch topic activities such as exploring flowers in the apricot garden, giving autographs in Big Wild Goose Pagoda, floating liquor cup together with the tray over Qujiang Lake and drinking the liquor while it floats within one's reach, and entering the official circles and being the prime minister in ancient China. In Tang Paradise, each building or scene has its own enchanting legend. When you wander around Tang Paradise, the grand ancient buildings and clear blue ripples may dazzle you and make you wander whether you are still in modern times or are transferred into the ancient China through the space-time tunnel. If you want to enjoy such a fantastic experience, you can take Bus 610 or 609 at the Bell Tower bus stop, which can take you to Tang Paradise.

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