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Water Pass Wild Great Wall


The scenic area of the Water Pass of Great Wall is on the steep and towering mountains in Badaling area in Yanqing County. If you like to climb the Great Wall especially the steep and dangerous parts, this Water Pass will be the best for you. It was built in the Ming Dynasty and it is the best preserved part of the Badaling Section of Great Wall.

The purpose of this Great Wall section is to use the river water as the barrier to keep outside enemies, thus a water pass has been formed. This kind of defense architecture is rare in ancient battlefield.

The Arrow Tower is established in front of the Water Pass, it has a height of 15.63 meters with an average width of about 12 meters. The walls are built of blue stone pieces on the slope of the mountain. You can see the some relics of the boundary monuments that were made by laborers from Shandong and Sichuan Provinces. Strange peaks and odd stones are seen on the steep slope of the mountain. On the higher level, you can command a grand view of the majestic Great Wall, which is like a giant dragon roaming around the towering mountains and between high peaks.

In addition to climbing the Great Wall and appreciating the beautiful red falling leaves, you can also visit the Old Palace of Genghis Khan, have a trip to the slideway and see the Great Wall Stele Garden and many more natural scenes and humanistic heritage.

Transportation and Price

You can take bus route no. 919 at Deshengmen Gate as far as Water Pass.

Admission : in busy season 26 RMB for adult, half price for student and senior citizen (with senior citizen card) ; off season 20 for adult and half for student and senior. Admission free for military personnel, physically handicapped soldiers and children who are shorter than 1.2 meters.

Telephone : 010-81181038, fax :81181038, post code : 102112.


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