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Shexian County Travel Tips

Shexian Ancient Town
Shexian Ancient Town and its
symbolic architectural building:Pai Fang
Shexian County, anciently called Huizhou, located under the foot of Huangshan Mountain is a national-level historical and cultural city. It was all the time under the administration of province level in the past 1300 years since Sui Dynasty. Especially after Song Dynasty, the prosperity of buisness operated by Huizhou merchants brought about the bloom of Huizhou local culture. Xinan Painting School is unique and distinctive from other styles of painting in other regions. Xinan medicine is highlighted among different styles of medicine in other regions. Also the craftsmanship and artwork of Huizhou is exquisite. Huizhou-style architecture is strongly featured with four types of Huizhou carvings, and which takes the Huizhou-style architecture into the classical architectural styles of China. Two of Four Treasures in Study are made in Huizhou. Huizhou Ink and Huizhou Ink-stone are both from Shexian County. Apart from these, Huizhou Cuisine, Huizhou Opera, Huizhou Wooden Painting, Huizhou Seal and Huizhou Miniascape are all the ancient but new subjects of Huizhou Culture Research. Huizhou Study, together with Dunhuangology and Tibetology is listed into Three Vivid Local Studies.

In today's ancient town of Huizhou, the ancient bridge, ancient tower, ancient street, ancient lane, ancient well, ancient dam, ancient building and others release the characteristics of simplicity. The villages and towns are all characterized with the traditional classical charm, and the folk residence, family memorials and paifangs are easily available everywhere. Travelling to Shexian County will lead the visitors into a museum of classical architectural arts.

Location and Transportation

Shexian County roughly is 27 kilometers away from Huangshan city. The airport of Huangshan is located in Tunxi of Huangshan city. It will take 40 minutes or so that visitors start tour from airport. Currently, the flight to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are all available. What’s more, there are also the non-stop buses to Hangzhou, Nanjing and Shanghai and other representative cities.

Cuisine and Feature

The delicacy of Shexian County belongs to the Huizhou-style cuisine. Huizhou-style cuisine, one of top eight cuisines of China, was originated from Shexian County of South Song Dynasty. Huizhou-style cuisine is mainly featured by its natural ingredients, which is not harmful to the ecology and nature. The cooking method of Huizhou-style cuisine is vividly characterized by braising, burning, stewing and other ways. It takes notice of the sauces and raw materials and the original taste. It is the unification of fragrance, taste and appearance. Arriving in Shexian County, visitors had best taste the local family dinner, and the dishes served include: Shiji, Mao Tofu, Furong Gao and Guiyu and so on. And the Mao Tofu is the unique snack. Shexian County is rich in original materials, and the most famous representatives are Huizhou Ink-stone, Huizhou Ink as well as the rare and treasured tea.

Shexian Ink-stone is the superior one among so many famous ink-stones, and it is highly valued with its Huizhou-style stone-carving, exactly, many figures are all from the landscape of Huangshan Mountain, scenery of Xin’an, Legendary stories and anecdotes of famous people. Shexian county also boasting the Capital of Ink.

The output of tea of Shexian County is ranked the first all over the China. The famous brands consist of Huangshan Maofeng, Dinggu Dafang, Huangshan Lvmudang, Jingshang Tianhua and Haibei Tuzhu and so on, and a lot of them are taken as the national presents to gift the special guests. Furthermore, the folk art of Shexian County is also vividly shown by the brick carving, stone carving, woodcarving and bamboo-carving. Moreover, the Huizhou-style Miniascape, Huizhou-style printing, Lacquer painting, Huizhou bamboo weaving and so on are also characteristics of local products.

Sheyan Ink-stone of Shexian County is one of China’s four top famous ink-stones, and it is the treasured article equally famous to Duanyan Ink-stone. Originally produced in Shexian County, such an ink-stone traditionally is preferred by many ancient and outstanding scholars or learners in China.

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