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Beijing and Shanghai Shanghai Circus World

Shanghai Circus World

Shanghai Circus World
Shanghai Circus World

Shanghai Circus World completed in 1999 is located on Gonghexinlu Road 2266. It southwardly gets close to Zhabei Stadium and northwardly near to Guangzhong Park. Covering approximate 2.25 hectares, Shanghai Circus World boasts Chinese Top Circus World. Thanks to its unique architectural style and fornix roof, Shanghai Circus World becomes one of Shanghai landmarks and the culture, sports and amusement center of north part of Shanghai city. There are the revolving stage, computer-controlled lighting, and state of the art acoustics as well as a 1,638 seat modern arena for acrobatic and circus performances. There is an enormous animal house for diversity of circus creatures. Shanghai Circus World is the most famous venue for Chinese theater and live performances in Shanghai city. Circus World is the place to go for a quality live entertainment. Shanghai Circus World is comprised of Acrobatic Venue, Rehearsal Assistant House, Animal House and Performers Reception Center. So enjoying the circus and acrobatic performances in this venue has been an important alternative for nightlife.

Since its opening five years ago, Shanghai Circus World has established the sale network with many overseas famous circus groups and introduced many internationally excellent acrobatic and circus performances, and also has taken charge of masterminding the large-scale acrobatic games or contest. Today, it has been the international important base for the performance, display and exchange of circus and acrobatics at home and abroad. Recently, Shanghai Circus World has organized and designed a series of important and influential performances such as International Magic Contest and Shanghai International Magic Festival, Domestic Gold-Prize Acrobatic Contest, Russian Circus on Ice and so on.

Shanghai Circus World is a world-famous performance unit. Shanghai Circus World is China's first performance group for business-oriented show. In 1980, it went to six cities of U.S.A for performance, and in 1981, Shanghai Circus World organized a performance group with 80 performers and a giant panda to Japan for performance. In the recent 20 years, there have been more than 100 groups of performance units organized by Shanghai Circus World gone abroad for international exchange and performance. In 1980s, a nationwide famous magic group was organized by Shanghai Circus World. Hence, Magic, Circus and Acrobatics become the important programs that Shanghai Circus World serves audiences. And of course, Shanghai Circus World also wins a lot of honors and rewards, and also brings its international reputation.

In 1988, Chinese first acrobatic school---Shanghai Circus School was built independently by Shanghai Circus World. In the past 10 years, Shanghai Circus World has shown more than 3300 performances with the number of 3.54 million audiences, most of who are from abroad. Shanghai Circus World actually has been a highlighted attraction of Shanghai inbound tours.

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