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Beijing and Shanghai equating Washington D.C and New York of the United States are top twin cities of China. People always think of Beijing as the show window of ancient China with great honor and glory in civilization and Shanghai as the show window of modern China with abundant potentiality and vitality in modernization and globalization. Roughly dependable, we regard Beijing as an old man experiencing too many yesterday and Shanghai as a young man preparing for the amazing tomorrow. It is a dilemma when people make a decision on which city they will settle in, because both are equally attractive.

Frankly, it is also easy to select. Beijing is a culture-oriented city. It was famous as a cultural historical city and the national center in China. Used to be the capital of Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, Beijing preserved a large number of historical and cultural relics and spots such as world-famous Forbidden City and Great Wall, Innumerous Princes' Mansions, Residents' Hutong and Siheyuan as well as the building complexes and resorts for rites and leisure represented by Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace. Meanwhile, as today's national capital, Beijing is also the witness of New China's incredible change from the foundation of People's Republic of China when Chairman Mao announced on Tiananmen to Olympic Games considered as the most successful one in history of Olympics. As for a learner of culture and history, Beijing is the superior option actually; it has the best environment and facilities for study and research. Represented by The National Library of China, The National Museum of China and The National Centre for the Performing Arts, Chinese top public services are all unsurpassably located in Beijing. Beijing always own the top-rank tourist resources featured with humanism such as the nationwide even the worldwide famous figures' former residences, rich materials of ancient times, real objects of historical events and plentiful first-class performances and exhibitions. Besides, Beijing also is the incomparably educational center. Annually, Beijing is the priority for senior schools' students to select their favorite campuses. Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China and Beijing Normal University are the hottest selections for Chinese youth when they succeed in the National College Entrance Examination. Beijing is a city always showing the old days of China to young generation and guests from other areas of the world. In a world, Beijing is a spiritual center of China.

Shanghai compared to Beijing is too young to mention. Even in contrast to its neighboring cities, Shanghai is just a child. But just for its juvenility, it is full of potentials, possibilities, vigor and surprises. In the minds of majority of people, Shanghai is Chinese first metropolis, exactly the fully commercialized super-city, and the world's largest business and trade center in Far East. As a city for less than 200 years, Shanghai in commerce leaped too large, and now it has been the economic engine of China and also the world. It to a most degree is not inferior to New York. Shanghai is a young man with endless strength and vitality. Hence, Shanghai is the fairyland of adventurers and gold diggers as well as the heaven of many youngsters to realize their dreams to be millionaires or moneybags. Shanghai will be never short of opportunities if the goers are well-prepared. Shanghai as the witness of Chinese modernization and globalization is also filled with many valuable resources for traveling and leisure. Shanghai is a westernized gentleman. So Living in Shanghai is not different from living in London, Paris and New York. Shanghai is a fashion city due to its identity of young man. In this way, Shanghai is never out of fashion but in fashion and leading fashion always.

Shanghai is a young man leading the tendency of modern China. Beijing is an old man narrating the history and tradition of ancient China. Someone comment that Beijing is too old and outdated and Shanghai is too young and superficial. Perhaps it is correct! But outdatedness just means the age rather than futility. The "outdated" Beijing just shows the splendor of China in the past. Superficialness just means the temporary condition rather than the eternality. The "superficial" Shanghai just foreshows the marvel of China in the future. In a word, to today's readers, if you want to learn history and culture or even to be a official, please go to Beijing; if you want to be a businessman or adventurer, go to Shanghai please!


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