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 Welcome to Introduction on Sanxingdui Ruins and Sanxingdui Museum in Seeraa International, New and Updated Content as Below:
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Sanxingdui Ruins and Sanxingdui Museum


Sanxingdui Ruins belong to important site under national-level protection and is classified into the cultural relics of Bronze Age in southwest China. Sanxingdui Ruins located in Nanxing Town, Guanghan, Sichuan province was excavated in 1980. In Ruins, excavators discovered one primitive site of ancient city, which is considered as a large architecture completed in early time of Shang Dynasty. The known length of the east city wall is 1100 meters, the south wall is 180 meters and west wall 600 meters, and all walls were man-made, moreover, excavators also cleared up the site and specifically see the foundation of the house, tombs and worshipping pits. The foundations of the houses include round style, square style and rectangle style. Majorities are wooden structure connected with the ground. Since 1931, massive jade wares and bronze wares were unearthed in more pits discovered later. In 1986, two large worshipping pits were unearthed, and a great many bronze-wares, jade wares, ivory-made wares, shell-wares, pottery and gold-wares were shown as well. In gold-wares, the gold-made stick and gold-made veil were gorgeously made. In bronze-wares, a lot of bronze-made arms and living utensils were commonly discovered, and the spotlighted unearthed items included the large-size or small-size head statues, standing figurines, ware of pillar themed with creeping dragon, bronze birds and bronze deer. The most attractive is the bronze-made head statue, which is exaggeratedly shown with the vivid local traditional feature. The standing figurine is 2.62 meters high characterized with big eyes, straight nose, square face and big ears and covered with hat; the figurine wears the long garment and the leglets. This figurine is widely taken as the rare materials for taking research to the body shape and costuming preference of ancient local people in Sichuan province.

Seven Enigmas of Sanxingdui Ruins
1. Where is Sanxingdui Culture from?
2. Which ethnic group are local people of Sanxingdui Ruins from?
3. How are the religious condition and the regime nature of Ancient Shu Kingdom of Sanxingdui Ruins?
4. How did the bronze culture and the advanced technology to make bronze-wares appear?
5. How did Ancient Shu Kingdom of Sanxingdui Ruins appear? How long did it last? Why did it disappear suddenly?
6. Which period do the cultural relic articles excavated from both pits belong to or what are they used for?
7. What is Bashu Image Language during the late period of Shu Kingdom local culture?

Unsurpassable Sanxingdui Ruins
1. The world's earliest bronze-made sacred tree with the tallest trunk is excavated in Sanxingdui Ruins. It is 384 centimeters tall. Nine birds and 27 fruits were made as well. A dragon is creeping down the tree on one side of the bronze-made tree.
2. The world's earliest gold-made stick with 142 centimeters long and more than 700 grams. The diameter is 2.3 centimeters. People can see the human head figure and the shape of fishes and birds.
3. The world's largest and most complete bronze-made standing figure with the height of 262 centimeters and weight of 180 kilogram. It is accepted as the King of Bronze Figure.
4. The world's largest bronze-made figure with vertical eyes. It is 64.5 centimeters tall and the distance between two ears is 138.5 centimeters.
5. The maximum number of bronze statues of human head excavated at a time all around the world, in total, amount to 50.

How Sanxingdui Ruins were discovered
At dark, one day of spring in 1929, three local peasants in brotherhood, one of whom was named Yan Daocheng, accidentally discovered a treasure when they were digging the water channels, and then, this news was widely spread, and lots of antique businessmen came there. Yan Daocheng together with those businessmen never knew there were a mass of treasure buried near his house until 1986. In 1986, from two less-known pits, people excavated a great many unique and strange bronze-made head statues, masks, bronze-made sacrificing wares and jade wares. It shocked the whole world and became of the most important archeological discoveries in the 20th century. Unluckily, there is no any character records, and caused a lot of thinking and viewpoints.

Sanxingdui Ruins and Extraterrestrial In accordance with a series of unexplainable and unbelievable cultural relics excavated in Sanxingdui Ruins, someone think Sanxingdui Ruins were created by extraterrestrials and the world center for pilgrimage.

Sanxingdui Museum

Sanxingdui Museum is located at the northeast part of Sanxingdui Relic, which is under the national key protection. Sanxingdui Musuem is also located on the west side of Yazi River of west part of Guanghan city, a famous historical and cultural city in China. Sanxingdui Museum is 40 kilometers away from Chengdu southwardly and 26 kilometers away from Deyang northwardly, and it is a modernized themed museum. Sanxingdui Museum was initially established in August, 1992 and completed in Oct. 1996. The total area of the museum is approximately 530 mu. The first exhibition area is 4,200 square meters and the second one is 7, 000 square meters. The Tourist Reception Center has an area of 2,600 square meters. Sanxingdui Museum plays the role of cultural relics collection, protection research and social education. It is absolutely managed by the modern technology. It collectively shows the relics of Sanxingdui and the unearthed bronze wares, jade wares, golden wares, pottery and bone-made wares and so on excavated in Pit No.1 and No.2

A Sanxingdui Cultural relic is the treasured heritage of human being culture. In Chinese massive cultural relic complexes, Sanxingdui Cultural relic is one of areas that own the most valuable historical, cultural, artistic and scientific values as well as the most valuable thing with high-level appreciation. There are plenty of strange and marvelous statues made of bronze, such as the large-scale standing figure with 2.62 meters high and the bronze-made mask with 1.38 meters wide as well as the bronze-made sacred tree with 3.96 meters high. All of the collections are surprising all visitors. Some even think such an advanced civilization in prehistoric period possibly created by E.T.

Ancient Town¡¢Ancient Nation and Ancient Shu Regional Culture Display is the fundamental exhibition in this museum. It is both useful for massive education and education popularization as well as academic research. The main hall of Museum is featured highly with its outside design. Sanxingdui Museum is featured four characters that are Cultural Relic, Architecture, Display and Garden, and has become an important and well-renowned tourist destination in China. In Sichuan province, Sanxingdui Museum is one of Five Top Tourist Scenic Areas, and first batch of Natonal 4-A Scenic Area and the world's first museum that passes the Green Globe 21 and ISO9001:200 Authentication.


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