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 Welcome to Introduction on Qingdao Makes for Capital of Sailing in Seeraa International, New and Updated Content as Below:

Qingdao is making for International Capital of Sailing after 2008 Olympic Games held in Beijing. Qingdao served as the test point of Beijing Olympic Games in 2006 and 2007. Movement of Thousands of Sailing Boats on Campus was held in 2006. Yin Jian, the record-breaker who won the first gold medal in Beijing Olympic Games…. Qingdao has set off its first significant step towards the target of Capital of Sailing.

How does Qingdao strengthen the construction of Capital of Sailing and inherit the spirit of Olympics after the completion of Beijing Olympic Games? This question is always under consideration.

In 2009, one of worldwide most famous sailing professional games---Volvo Global Ocean Race Sailing firstly entered Qingdao of China, and then the first session of International Sailing Week was successfully held. In February, 2009, globally largest amateur sailing race---Clipper Global Sailing Race entered Qingdao for the third time. The construction of Capital of Sailing goes forward to the depth, and the international sailing week is a good platform.

From 21 to 29, August, 2010, Qingdao International Sailing Week kicks off in Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center. One of the executives said in Beijing that the sailing week this year is highlighted with International Sailing Game Summit Meeting, Dalian-Qingdao International Sailing Race and Qingdao International Sailing Race and so on. Besides, there will be a lot of new spotlights during this sailing week. As for how to make for Capital of Sailing, the executive said that first we should inherit the spirit of Olympics, and under the support of Beijing Olympic City Development Promotion Committee, Qingdao International Sailing Week is taken into 2010 Beijing Olympic City Sports Culture Festival once again, which will be greatly good for the raising of Qingdao in this aspect of realizing the target of Capital of Sailing. Second, strengthening the communication with international sailing sport circle to raise the international reputation of Qingdao will be carried out. Third, the race or contest will be upgraded. Forth, diversity of sailing themed programs will show the feature of internationalization and the charm of Qingdao. Fifth, consolidating the combination with different international programs is for enlarging the effect and showing the top-level tourism fame of Qingdao.

Furthermore, during the Qingdao International Sailing Week, visitors can participate into a variety of programmes such as Sailing Experience, Sailing Knowledge Popularization, Large-scale Oceanic Show and International Golf Invitation Race and so on.