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Qiankou Folk Residence Museum



Qiankou is an important area in Ancient Huizhou Area, which is a wonderful place of China for its culture and history. Qiankou Folk Residence Museum is a special themed museum for collecting the real appearance and true feature of local folk residences of Huizhou. To understand the special status of Huizhou Folk Residential Architecture in China, which is an important and widely-influential type of local architectural styles in China and generally broadly used in east China to symbolize the elegance of the local architectural characteristics. Huizhou-style architecture is a classic and marvelous type of Chinese architectural styles that generally used in south and east China. As the birthplace of such an architectural style, Huizhou deserves the attention of travelers. And one of the vivid features of Huizhou culture, Huizhou-style architecture should be highly emphasized. As the professional and concentrative exhibition of Huizhou-style architecture, Qiankou Folk Residence Museum is of the high value and deserves visiting systematically.

Qiankou Folk Residence Museum located at Qiankou Village, Huizhou District, Huangshan in Anhui province was built in May, 1990. This museum collects dozens of typical and representative local architecture of Ming Dynasty which are impossibly protected in original areas. The workers of this museum dismantled and reconstructed them in other places. They officially belong to the ancient architectural complex, which is strongly featured by the representative style of Huizhou architecture. Hence this museum is probably the domestically centralized ancient architectural styles under an all-sided protection. In 1998, it was ranked the important cultural site under the national protection agreed by State Council. The main architectures of Qiankou Folk Residence Museum are Sijian Mansion, Caomenting, Leshan Hall, Shanhua Hall, Mansion of Su Xuehen, Mansion of Fang Guantian and Mansion of Wu Jianhua and so on. To a most degree, it is a most important preservation for researching the architectural art and architectural history of China in Ming Dynasty.

Transportation: Bus and car are both available from Yansi Temple to Qiankou
Opening Time: 8:00---17:30


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