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Putuo Buddhist Mountain

Putuo Mountain, boasting one of the Top Four Holy Buddhist Mountains in China and also a top-level tourist attractions highlighted with its culture and history, is located in Ningbo and covers an area of 12.5 square kilometers. The highest peak, the Fudingshan Mountain is 300 meters high above the sea level. It is the cultivation center of Kwan-yin, the most respectable god in Chinese Buddhism and the only locally-born Buddhist Buddha. Temples, monasteries, nunneries are spread all over the mountain.

The biggest local festival also the religious rite is a Kwan-yin Ceremony. Such a religion ceremony is traced back to Qin Dynasty, the original Taoist Temple sites are easily found and the elixir-making sites are also found easily. In 847, an Indian Monk visited Chao-Yin Cave and was influenced by Kwan-yin Buddha, since then the Buddhist sites were established. There are 3 large temples, 88 Nun Temples and 128 thatched temples. There are more than 4000 monks; it is crowned to be the first Buddhist land in China. On 19th in the second month each year by lunar calendar, it is the birthday of Kwan-Yin, on 19th in the sixth month by Lunar Calendar, it is the day of Kwan-yin getting the Buddhism tenet and on 19th in the ninth month by Lunar Calendar, and it is the day that Kwan-yin became Buddha. On these days, the Buddhist believers from all directions are gathering here for commemorating these Buddhist Events, the ceremony is splendid and amazing and full of sublimity and solemnity. The time-honored Buddhist Ceremony accumulated deep Buddhism culture and history. Nearly all the people are respecting Kwan-yin Buddha. Kwan-yin Belief has been considered to be Half-Asia Belief. Puji Temple, Fayu Temple, and Huiji Temple are the three largest in the twenty temples in Putuo. Puji Temple, covering 11,000 square meters, was first built in Song Dynasty, and is the main temple devoted to the Goddess of Guanyin. Fayu Temple was first built in Ming. It sits along the mountain with different layers on it. Numerous large trees stand in the mountain; qualify the temple for a quiet and deep place. Huiji Temple is on the Foding Peak, so gets a name after that, Foding Peak Temple.By the way, the most attractive and magnificent temples are Huiji Temple and Fayu Temple.

Baibusha and Qianbusha is the most beautiful seaside bathing place in Southeast China. Two scenic spots are located on the east side of the series of islands. The Baibusha is more than 600 meters long and Qianbusha is 1750 meters long. The water quality and sand quality are quite high, especially suitable for swimming and leisure.

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