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China Unknown Attractions Gaobeidian Classical Furniture Street
Gaobeidian Classical Furniture Street

Beijing Gaobeidian is an old village with more than 1000 years of history. As early as Liao and Jin Dynasties (907-1234), Gaobeidian became a village. In Yuan Dynasty, Gaobeidian was a wharf for inland waterway transportation, and the gathering center of emperor-oriented food transported by water from all over China. It used to be a famous and prosperous place in China with the long-time history and culture.

Gaobeidian Village is located on the waterside of Tonghui River, the extended part of Beijing East Chang'an Avenue. Close to the central zone of Beijing Central Business District, this village is just 8 kilometers far from Tiananmen (Gate of Heavenly Peace). It is obvious that it has an advantageous geographical location and a convenient transportation system. In 2006, Gaobeidian was listed one of 80 tested villages on socialistic new village establishment of Beijing.

Beijing Gaobeidian Classical Furniture Street has decades of years in development from several craftsman workshops at the early time to more than 400 shops at present. It is fast developed and extended to the restoration, collection, exhibition and design of ancient furniture. Finally, a themed business-oriented classical furniture street with 1800 meters long was formed. Well-known for its characteristics, culture, taste and connotation, Gaobeidian Classical Furniture Street has formed the feature of traditional culture shown in the scope of furniture, calligraphic masterpiece, classical painting, classical antiques, porcelains, wood-carvings and stone-carvings, and it has become the backbone of economic development of Beijing. Gaobeidian Village and brought the vitality to this village as well. The yearly cultural festival of classical furniture has become the brand of Gaobeidian Village. There are also lots of time-honored shops such as Longshuncheng, Dushuntang, Dingqilong, Simeiju, Lubanguan, Hualun, Gushengtang, Gufengtang, Shuanglongyuan and Cunzhentang. In 2005, Gaobeidian Classical Furniture Street became the characteristic business street of Beijing city and in 2008 as the foreigners' shopping center during Beijing Olympics

Gaobeidian Classical Furniture Street
Gaobeidian Classical Furniture Street
Gaobeidian Classical Furniture Street
Main Gate of Gaobeidian Classical Furniture Street
Gaobeidian Classical Furniture Street
Gaobeidian Classical Furniture Street
Beijing Gaobeidian Classical Furniture Street is being improved and developed as the upgrade of traditional cultural creative industry. Underlain with culture, the management notion has turned from furniture to house assembly, artistic work, design of living house, decoration of hotel and wares installation. A series of themed museums with classical furniture were established. Beijing Gaobeidian Qitanyu Art Museum inheriting the tradition of old Beijing shows the magnificence and fascination of Beijing to the public by virtue of traditional culture. In 2008, Lu Ban Memorial or Lubanci was built for the sake of learning from Lu Ban who was the forefather and the master of Chinese craftsmanship. There are four spotlights in this themed museum: Inscription Board written by 94-year-old man named Wang Zhixiang, Whole Architectural Style, Two Stele-Carved Odes to Lu Ban Memorial and Sculpture of Clay Figurine Zhang.

Under the care of all walks of life, Beijing Gaobeidian Classical Furniture Street will become Chinese largest center of classical furniture restoration, exhibition and collection.

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