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Gansu Provincial Museum

Gansu is one of Chinese provinces known as birthplace of Chinese ancient culture and glorious history. Historically, it used to be one of important area in the aspect of promoting the development of unification of ancient China. Traditionally known, Gansu experienced several different and magic periods that today still attract many experts and tourists' attention and affection. To these first-comers, how to thoroughly understand area that less known superficially but more fascinating in depth in general haunts those Gansu-Travel planners. For a professional travel expert's part, Traveling to Gansu's first comprehensive museum, exactly Gansu Provincial Museum, is the advisable idea.

Located at West Xijin Road 3, Qiliheqiao of Lanzhou city, Gansu Provincial Museum was opened in 1956 and belongs to China's provincial-level museum system. The Quintessential Exhibitions of Gansu Provincial Museum are Exhibition of Primitive Colored Pottery Culture, Exhibition of Sino-West Transportation and Silk Road and Buddhist Art Exhibition.

Gansu is an important part of ancient Silk Road, which academically and so the Themed Exhibition of Silk Road is one of highlights in Gansu provincial museum. If you want to learn something special about Silk Road and its stories, Gansu provincial museum is a must-see. Gansu also boasts its Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes, which is a treasure of Buddhist arts and frescoes, and famous worldwide as the Oriental Art Palace. So before the Dunhuang tour, tourist had best take a themed visit to the relevant exhibition in Gansu Provincial Museum. In mentionable, the collected article named Mata Feiyan or Bronze-made Running Horse has been selected as the Symbol of China’s Tourism, which is nation-widely considered an honor to Gansu province.

Gansu provincial museum currently reserves more than 140,000 collections, which mainly classified into historical cultural relics, specifically the colored pottery made in Neolithic Period, bronze-wares, wooden-wares, textiles, Buddha stone sculptures, Buddhist Stone Carvings and rare sutras. Besides, a massive of ancient treasured porcelains, classic Chinese traditional paintings and calligraphic masterpieces are also spotlighted in display.

The large-scale themed exhibitions, which are available all the year, consist of Exhibition of Silk Road, Exhibition of Hanjian, Exhibition of Gansu Buddhist Art and Tianti Mountain Grottoes, Exhibition of Fresco-Decorated Mausoleum in Wei and Jin Periods, Exhibition of Gansu Dinosaur and Ancient Giant Elephant of Yellow River, Exhibition of Gansu Minority’s Culture and Art as well as Rite Figurines of Bronze-Made Horses and Carriage and so on.

This is a multi-oriented museum extensively well known as the gem show of Gansu history, culture and custom.


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