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Emperor Qinshihuang and the Great Wall

World-renowned Great Wall is one of Chinese most welcome tourist attractions. Most of tourists are generally impressed by The Great Wall in Beijing such as Juyongguan Great Wall, Badaling Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall and Some other parts of un-surfaced Great Walls. Historically, the earliest Great Wall was built in the period of Warring States before the establishment of Qin Dynasty to safeguard the invasion of north minorities. While The Great Wall of Beijing was built or reconstructed in Ming Dynasty.

Hun in northern part of China was an old ethnic group. They led a nomadic life and in the mid-period of Warring States, they used to invade the area of middle China, and for more times, they fought against Qin Kingdom, Zhao Kingdom and Yan Kingdom. Hence they built many sections of Great Wall and stationed troops to defend the threat from Hun.

Around the period of Qing Kingdom defeated other six kingdoms, Hun established a slavery country, and the highest ruler was called Chan Yu. After the foundation of Qin Dynasty, Meng Tian, the general of Qin Dynasty, in 215BC ordered by Emperor Qinshihuang led large troop to northwardly counter-attack the Hun troop and regained the administrative zone of southern part of Yellow River. After the battle, the Hun's troop evacuated, and there were many inlanders moved to the boundary area. Meng Tian also built the Great Wall by virtue of some high mountains, and also connected many old parts of Great Walls of Warring States. This Great Wall started from Ling Tao (today Mian County of Gansu Province) in the west to Yalv River in the east.

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