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China Unknown Attractions Mausoleum of Emperor Huang
Mausoleum of Emperor Huang

The story goes that Emperor Huang’s Mausoleum is the tomb of Xuanyuan, the primogenitor of the Chinese nation. It is located on the top of Mountain Qiao to the north of the county town of Huangling County. Emperor Huang is a great tribe leader in the later period of China’s primitive society. He is the founder of the Chinese civilization. He used jade to make weapons, and invented boats, chariots, bows and arrows. His wife Luo Zhu taught people silkworm breeding and his official historiographer Cang Jie created characters, and another officer Da Nao invented Gan & Zhi Calendar. His music officer Ling Lun invented the 12 temperaments.

It is said that Emperor Huang lived to 118 years old. One day when he was on an inspection tour in Henan, suddenly he heard a bolt from the blue and saw a yellow dragon descending from the sky. The dragon told Emperor Huang that it was time for him to go back to the Heaven since he had finished his mission. Emperor Huang understood that the order was irresistible, so he mounted it. When the dragon flew over Mountain Qiao in Shaanxi, people, far and near, got the news and hastily came over to ask Emperor to stay. They wept bitterly for losing their leader. Emperor Huang begged to dismount and soothe his people. The dragon agreed. Before long it hastened Emperor Huang to leave, while the people seized Emperor Huang in his clothes. The dragon took Emperor Huang away and what were left behind were Emperor Huang’s clothes. So people just buried the clothes in Mountain Qiao, and set up a mausoleum in memory of Emperor Huang. Yet some people believe that Emperor Huang, instead of his clothes, was buried in the mausoleum after he died.

The mausoleum has an area of about 4 square kilometers. It is surrounded by beautiful green hills, covered thickly with trees. When you get to the top of Mountain Qiao, you may see a stele with eight characters on the roadside. The characters form a sentence which means civil and military officials of the ancient China must dismount before the stele. The mausoleum is located exactly in the middle of the mountaintop. It faces the south. It is about 4 meters high and its perimeter is 50 meters. In front of the mausoleum, about 40 meters away, there is a 20-meter-high hathpace. It is called Han Wu Xian Tai. It is said that the hathpace was built by Emperor Han Wudi, a wise and visionary ruler of the West Han Dynasty, in 110 B.C., when he returned from Shuofang, came to Emperor Huang’s Mausoleum and held a memorial ceremony for Emperor Huang. It is a convention in ancient China for rulers to hold a memorial ceremony for Emperor Huang when they were crowned. The memorial ceremony reveals their respect for the primogenitor. Nowadays, the convention is still kept by Chinese people. Every year, in Qingming Festival, domestic Chinese and oversea Chinese gather in Emperor Huang’s Mausoleum, and hold a solemn memorial ceremony to show the respect and gratefulness for the primogenitor of the entire Chinese nation.

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