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Beijing and Shanghai Chuandixia Ancient Village

Chuandixia Ancient Village

Chuandixia Ancient Village
Chuandixia Ancient Village in Beijing
Chuandixia Ancient Village is a hot destination of Beijing. Chuandixia village with little size but large fame is only 60 kilometers away from downtown Beijing. This village is well-known for its well-preserved 689 residential houses strongly featured of architectural style of Ming and Qing Dyansties. These residential houses are built on the hillside, encircled by mountains and forests. Steep stairs and lanes paved with rocks are simple and unadorned. It is quite vividly shown by its original face.

To the history of this village, there is a legendary story should be mentioned: It is said that under the reign of Emperor Kangxi, a villager named Han Shoude was extremely similar to Emperor Kangxi, and he became the monk for Emperor Kangxi for some unspeakable reasons. Therefore, he also became the Emperor's relative and built a lot of houses in his hometown with the help of Emperor Kangxi who also wanted to show his acknowledgement. The village was rated as a village of great tourist value and resources and has been written into the list of cultural site under national-level protection. It is a displaceable place to take photos and have a relaxation. The village is also near spots like Shuanglong Gorge, with its rivers and falls, the Pearl Lake and the Longmenjian Grand Canyon. By the way, it is relatively distant from downtown Beijing, so tourist who wants to have a visit had better take a full preparation before your departure to this village.

How to get there: take bus 929 from Pingguoyuan subway station to Chuandixia village. .

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