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Beijing and Shanghai Crystalline Candied Haw (Bingtang Hulu)

Crystalline Candied Haw (Bingtang Hulu)

Crystalline Candied Haw
Crystalline Candied Haw
Crystalline Candied Haw is acid, sweet but tasty, and also good-looking. It is enjoyed and welcomed by people of all ages. In northern China, it is more popular and available during some traditional festivals. The red hawthorns are coated with crystal candy and strung on a bamboo stick. The vendor often inserts strings of candied haws on a specifically made wooden pole, which looks as if a tree full of fruits and very attractive. A couple of years ago, crystalline candied haw was easily gotten in many temple fairs, especially during Spring Festival. Crystalline Candied Haw in Beijing belonged to a kind of snacks. Annually from January to September, the sellers shouldering a batch of candied haws on the streets could be easily found. Haw has many functions. It plays a role in helping digest, loosing extra-vasation and stopping diarrhea. Today, after the further research, haw also has the extra functions such as lowering blood fat and serum cholesterol.

Legend of Crystalline Candied Haw
Emperor Guangzong of Song Dynasty, whose name was Zhao Ting (11471200), was the third son of Zhao Shen who was Emperor Xiaozong. Zhao Ting always lived in palaces and was never concerned about the national affairs. He was enthroned at the age of 43 and his hairs were all white. One of his concubines named Concubine Huang was skinny and unhealthy, and the royal doctors made many prescriptions but all were ineffective, Zhao Ting was anxious and searched for doctors nationwide to cure his beloved concubine. An unknown doctor came out and gave a prescription that haw boiled with candy can make her better if she ate it five or ten pieces before dining. Emperor and concubines did not believe it at all, but they had no other choice but to do it according to the given prescription, and Concubine Huang really recovered.

Where to eat Crystalline Candied Haw
Mentioning Crystalline Candied Haw, three time-honored brands of Beijing should be highlighted: Xinyuanzhai, Jiulongzhia and Bulaoqun. Xinyuanzhai originally was Xinyuanzhai Glazed Fruit Shop, and it was established in east section of Liulichang in 1740. Bulaoquan was established in 1736, and its board named was inscribed by Ji Yun who was a widely-famous scholar and high official of Qing Dynasty during reign of Emperor Qianlong.

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