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 Welcome to Introduction on Beiijing Cuisine Street in Seeraa International, New and Updated Content as Below:

More and more cuisine streets form in Beijing and become the mark of Beijing cuisine. No matter how it is fashionable or traditional, Qianmen Cuisine Street, Guijie Street, Guanganmen Cuisine Street, Huizhong Road Cuisine Street, Xiaoyun Road Cuisine Street is a must for tasting Beijing Cuisine. There are a lot of time-honored restaurants on the Qianmen Street. These traditional restaurants represent the cuisine culture of Beijing although it is not so welcomed and popular as these themed cuisine streets. We can judge from their old buildings and their name boards. If visitors want to see and enjoy the real Beijing cuisine, these restaurants are the superior choice. These famous restaurants include; Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant, Duyichu Shaomai, Yitiaolong Restaurant, Laozhengxing Restaurant and so on. All of these all have a history of more than 100 years.

Subway nearby:Qianmen Dajie

Dongzhimen Guijie Street is the earliest famous and popular cuisine street of Beijing, and also the best place for many people to spend their nighttime. It is still the popular destination for eating snack and local food at night among local people.

Subway:Dongzhimen and Yonghegong

Guanganmen Cuisine starting from Liuliqiao to Hufangqiao in the east is a new-born cuisine street due to the reconstruction of south part of Beijing. Compared with many other streets, this cuisine street is strongly featured by its peppery food such as Sichuan-style food restaurants like Tanyutou and Lilaodie. Some Islamic restaurants near to Niujie Street are also welcomed. Additionally, some branches of time-honored restaurants of Southern Part of Beijing is also easily available.


Cuisine streets of Yayun Village are the most welcomed in north part of Beijing. There are more restaurants on Huizhong Road and Datun Road. At night, nearly all the restaurants in different levels are full of eaters.

Subway:Yayun Village Subway

Xiaoyun Road is a long street starting from southwest to northeast. It is a prosperous road with a lot of tall business-oriented office buildings and high-level villas and lofts. It is an important business center and also the better land for cuisine.