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Baoshi Hill of West Lake Scenic Area

A Gorgeous Scene of Baoshi Hill in Autumn
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The Scene of Baoshi Hill
Baoshi Hill(宝石山) located on the northern side of the West Lake (Northern Interior Part of West lake) is the famous scenic area. Baoshi Hill is 78 meters high and belongs to tuff and rhyolite. It is rich in ferric oxide, so it looks deep red and under the sunshine, it seems like the flowing glow as beautiful as jade, carnelian and emerald, hence it is named Baoshi Hill or Gem Hill. In the list of New Top Ten Scenes of The West Lake, it is described as a scene named Bao Shi Liu Xia(宝石流霞, Precious stone hill floating in rosy clouds). Originally named Ju Shi Shan or Huge Rock Hill, Baoshi Hill is full of unique peaks and stones.

In front of Laifeng Pavilion, there is a huge stone like an egg located on the top, and local people consider it is a falling stone from heaven and call it Shou Xing Shi(寿星石, Stone of Longevity Star). On the north side of the hill top, it is a huge stone, which is named Kan Song Tai(看松台, Platform of Appreciating Pine Tree), on which Tun Xia(屯霞, Keeping Sunglow), two Chinese Characters, were carved there. The west side is Chuanzheng Cave. On the top of hill, there are a lot of special and eye-catching rocks with different styles and shapes, in the past several centuries, a lot of famous scholars left their inscriptions on the rocks, most of them belonging to the rare and highly-valued calligraphic works as well as the important resources and materials to historical and cultural study are preserved well. Some steep paths are really dangerous and breath-taking. But their routes and designs are really exquisite. On the top, visitors can have a bird’s-eye view

The famous scenic spots on hill are Baochu Pagoda, which is a highlighted scene around West Lake Scenic Area. Originally named Yingtian Pagoda, Baochu Pagoda like a beauty standing in the brilliance of Buddha is a must-see destination in Hangzhou.

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