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Liang Family Mansion and Guangxing Traditional Medicine Hall of Hangzhou



Visiting Ancient Residence of Jiangnan Area
Deeply hidden in many famous residences for more than 200 years, this high official’s mansion still remains its charm and historical layout. The white wall and the dark tiles as well as the large yards and gardens. It is in tranquility though surrounded by the hustle-and-bustle streets.

Tasting the Culture of National Traditional Medicine
Experiencing hundreds of years change and sufferings as well as the ups and downs of Chinese traditional medicine, Chinese traditional medicine’s charm with more than thousands of years is systematically shown here.

Health Checkup by Chinese Herbalist Doctors
Inheriting the essence of Chinese traditional medicine, many a famous herbalist doctors can serve you. In traditional Chinese classical atmosphere, doctors will give you an overall checkup and give you some health suggestions in line with the theory of Chinese traditional medicine.

Liang Kentang, born in Hangzhou in 1718 when China was under the reign of Emperor Kangxi of Qing Dynasty, was a high official of central government of China at the time. Liang Family Mansion covers 2500 square meters. The current architecture mainly is located on the middle axes and west axes. The main gate of the mansion chiefly is located on the middle axes. As many traditional buildings, Zhaobi, a special wall was also built in front of the gate. In gate, visitors can orderly see Sedan Hall, Ping Hall and Zhouma Tower. The study, main hall and some buildings are located on the west axes. Between the main hall and the other buildings, travelers can see the well-carved brick-carvings. The layout of the architecture in Liang Family Mansion is quite scientific. It is traditionally strictly built under the guideline of Chinese traditional architectural style and architectural theories.

There are lots of ways to make the traditional herbs, and stewing is a most common method. Guangxing Traditional Medicine Hall is good at serving the stewing herbs. During the making of stewing herbs, the herb medicine is made of high-quality herbs and fresh materials under the guide of many experienced doctors. After 3 or 4 hours stewing, the effective part and the quintessence have been thoroughly dissolved into the soup of herbs, which is better for absorbing, especially for the patients after an operation. Guangxing Traditional Medicine Hall is a welcomed place for patients who believe Chinese traditional medicine and its therapy.


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