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Seeraa International as a themed website with Chinese culture, Chinese history and Chinese spirituality is professionally established for Chinese learners, China's history researchers overseas, Chinese culture lovers and travelers abroad in China. To be a potential authorized website rooted in spiritual and tangible China, Seeraa International aims at a top-rank online portal of China in the aspect of Chinese education, Chinese culture popularization, Chinese history teaching as well as Chinese tourism.

Seeraa International in Chinese called 思涯,or Si Ya, is deeply inspired and influenced by some classic sentences highlighted in book named Zhuang Zi (庄子,Chuang Tsze) , also named Nanhua Zhenjing(南华真经,The Divine Classic of Nan-Hua), a classic and vital taoist holy sutra named after Zhuang Zi, the most important spiritual head inferior to Lao Zi(老子, Lao Tzu) in Chinese Taoism. The literal meaning of Si Ya is Thinking about the Edge of Universe. In Zhuang Zi, its original meaning is Indefinite Thinking always Pales in Definite Life.

Seeraa International is currently comprised of several major categories that is rationally made in line with the theme of website. It generally includes: China History, China Culture, Chinese Literature|国文,China Spirituality, China Top Attractions, China Essence Tour, Espanol(Spanish) and About Seeraa International. More and more relevant valuable information will be added as time goes.

Potentiality and value of Seeraa International are will be superstar-like spotlighted by readers and netizen around the world via globalization of China Culture and China History. For achieving this non-profit aim of many Chinese and international people, we are making the painstaking efforts to make Seeraa International go forward step by step. There will be many problems and unexpected urgencies on the way to success. For guaranteeing its progress, we need your help of technical support and others. We sincerely hope to jointly promote the development of Seeraa International with you, every supporter of Seeraa International!

If you get interested, please contact us via email ( or other channels we have shown in the page of CONTACT US. Thank you, friends! God bless you and Seeraa International!


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